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A Gothic Rattery - Gainesville, FL Rattery that breeds dumbos, rex, Siamese, and a variety of other colors. Rats are spoiled and well loved and all babies are raised with extreme care! 648
Aimee's Animals*Pet Rescue Web Site Resource - A good resource for finding rescues efforts world-wide, whether you are looking to adopt or foster. 3140
Any Rat Rescue (Phoenix area) - Any Rat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the State of Arizona in 2004 and dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for any rat in need. 432
BallaRATS Rattery - Located in Ballarat (yes it's a real town!) Victoria Australia, AUSRFS member, specialising in Downunders, Blazed, Australian Silkies. There is also a boarding service and rescue/rehoming program. 1733
Bayside Rattery & Mousery - A Rattery/Mousery in Sydney, NSW Australia. Focus is on producing beautiful animals with exceptional temperaments. Occasionally have babies available, always willing to help with advice. 1444
Best Friend Rodent Rescue - A rescue in Washington state that does wonderful work rescuing rats in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and BC Canada. 102
Blaze Craze Rattery - Breeding dumbos and standards in Russian blue and dilutes in Cary, Ill. 649
Blue Ridge Rattery - Rattery located in Bedford, VA. Specializing in Blue, Dumbo, and Patterns since 2006. 359
Boon Rattery - A rattery in Narre Warren, Victoria Australia specializing in 'DownUnders.' 1711
Camarattery - Rattery in Colorado with Dumbos in blue, Burmese, Siamese, Down Under and dwarf. All coat types. Also breeding hairless mice! 1374
Carawatha Rodents - A Queensland-based Rattery/Mousery with Pet and Exhibition mice. 1537
CavyRescue - The UK's First dedicated Pet Rat Charity. 1265
Cove Rattery - Small rattery in Michigan dedicated to healthy, loving pets. 987
Crittery UK Rescue Map - Rescues and RSPCAs in the UK that take in rodents! 515
Crystal Cage Rattery - Rats bred for temperment and color in the Tampa, Florida area. 2367
Darling Road Rodentry - We are a small scale breeder in BANGOR, MAINE focusing on health and temperment foremost. We have many gorgeous varieties/colors. 1668
Dunedin Mousery - Fancy mouse breeder based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Breeds mice for pet and show. 1163
EaglesEye Rats - A small rattery in Monmouth, Oregon (near Salem). Specializing in dumbos and friendly pet rats. 1638
Estelle's Rattery - A rattery in Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset, UK, specializing in blue rats. 1442
Exotica Rattery - Small rattery in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. Specializing in hooded and Pink Eyed White ratties. Babies a few times per year. Bred for temperament and health. 625
Farmhouse Rats (FHR) - Branchville NJ Pedigreed fancy rat breeder focused on producing Seal Point Siamese, Russian Blue Sable Burmese, & Cinnamon rats. Focused on great health, friendly, outgoing temperaments and longevity. 645
Great Pets Rattery - A Middletown NY Rattery that specializes in hairless, dumbos, and standards. Also rescues rats. Check the site for available rats. 2164
KCpocketpets - I breed mice, hamsters, and occasionally rats as pets for better health and temperament. Located in Kansas City, MO. 779
La Armonia Mousery - Mousery specializing in Siamese, Burmese and Longhaired mice in Sydney, Australia. 912
Lil' Ratscal's Rattery - The rattery in Ottawa, Ontario. 1517
Little Heroes Rattery - Located in Orange County California, Little Heroes Rattery aka 'HERO' breeds and rescues rats. 501
Little Loveables Pet Rats - Home of the 'LHRC' Little Hearts Rat Club of Louisiana. Owned by C & E Ratterys. We are a full service rescue center located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. 1949
Lone Star Rats - A rattery in Austin, Texas. 2387
MagicStar Rattery - Healthy pets with spectacular temperaments in Sydney, NSW Australia. 1616
Mainely Rat Rescue - MRR’s mission is to rehabilitate and find homes for surrendered or abandoned domestic rats, as well as spreading awareness, education and support for all the animals in their care. 365
Misty Blue Rattery - Southern California rattery specializing in the American Blue Color; Dumbo and Standard Ears; Self, Berkshire, Variegated, VariBerk, Capped, Bareback rats. 738
MN Rat Connection - A rattery in Minnesota. Some cute rat pics, and a breeder listing. 2372
Mouse Tails - A resource for caring for, breeding, and adopting tame mice in the Santa Rosa, CA area. 1670
My Rat Heaven - A Rattery in Escondido, CA. 1595
Paper Heart Rattery - Hope, NJ rattery specializing in Russian blue and dove marked rats, and ivory self rats. Standard and dumbo ears; standard and rex coats. 639
Pierce's Pogs Rattery - A rattery in North Attleboro, Massachusetts specializing in dwarf fawn/agouti and blue lines. We breed for health and temperament. 352
Raani's Rats, Fort Worth - Specializing in Black Berkshire dumbo rats with excellent health and temperaments. We are an ethical, no cull rattery. 533
RaffinHouse Rattery - A Freemont Ohio rattery breeding adorable rats in interesting colors! 1343
Rat Rescue - The Official Blog of CavyRescue (UK). 1103
Ratamania - A wonderful celebration of pink-eyed rats, with a twice monthly photo journal of their lives, experiences and achievements. 1888
RatHouse Rattery - A Texas Rattery. 2014
Ratrescue.com - Helping to find new homes for ratties all over America who are either abandoned or unable to be kept by their previous owners. 2054
Rattie Express - Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of rats as pets. 1600
Ratware - Great rat pictures perfect for using as your desktop wallpaper. 2081
Ratz Nest - Breeder and rescue located in Southern California, dedicated to producing happy, healthy and well tempered rats. Our main goals focus is on Siamese, Burmese, Harley, Rex, Dumbo and Velveteens. 560
Rebecca's Sweet and Loving Rats Lebanon, IN - We are working on hairless in different colors with dumbo. We work with the Social Rats Rescue network to help rats in need. 644
Rocket Rodents - Happy healthy pet rats and mice in various colours, markings and coats. Located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 964
RooBear Rattery - Healthy, friendly rats in Ithaca, New York. 1908
Rumpy Rats Rattery - in Kansas City, Missouri. 2104
Second Hand Rats - A small rescue in southern California-- rat rescues, adoptions, fosters. 1041
Shika's Rattie Rescue - A small rescue in northeast Ohio that deals mostly with home surrenders, but will take other situations into consideration. 1313
SITH Rattery - Located near Vancouver BC Canada, specializing in black eyed Siamese, Burmese, dwarf, dalmatians and European roans, in a wide variety of colors, with health and temperament always our top priority. 547
Social Rats Adoption and Rescue, Chicago IL - We breed for dumbo in many colors, including blues and fawn. Also working with different fur types. Our rescue network takes in rats in need and adopts them out once they are healthy and social. 655
Spoiled Ratten Rattery - Sweet, healthy, cute rats in Kansas City, Missouri. 1840
Sweet Whispers Rattery - Pottsville, PA Rattery specializing in Black-Eyed Siamese, Burmese, Roan, and also some Aurora based varieties. 743
Tailspinz Rattery - A small rattery in St.Louis, MO, . Specializing in Dumbos and rexes, all colors... sweet temperments. 1855
Taliesin Rattery - Rats for adoption in the Massachusetts area. 2036
The Groomed Rattery - Heather's Rattery in Utah. 516
The Rat Cave - I run a small hobby soy-free rattery in Glenview Il. I specialize in blues and Siamese, in dumbo and standard, but temperament and healthy always come first. I love my babies; I know you will too! 604
The Rat Rehoming Register - Not a rescue center, but a U.K. based group which helps find new homes for unwanted rats. 1308
The RatMischief! - A rattery in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Also some information on the Canadian Small Animals Club. 1668
The Rowangate Rats - A rattery in Essex, England. 1355
The Whole Rat Rattery 1760
Thistle Rattery - A small rattery near Denver, Colorado. Specializes in sweet tempermented dumbos. 1648
Veinglory's Rats of Night and Day Page - Rats and Vampires! 1509
Wasabi Ginger Rattery - Small home based rattery located in Hazleton, PA (NEPA) we specialize in marked berks in dumbo and rex and standard coats and dalmatians. 466
Whiskers & Tails Rattery (WATR) - In Oklahoma City, OK. We produce healthy socialized rats (hairless, patchwork, rex, dumbo, blues, chocolate, fawn, Siamese, Berkshires, hooded, bareback, capped, patched); some gerbils and hamsters. 499
WNY Warm Fuzzies - We are small breeder of mice and rats, specializing in Siamese and Himalayan dumbo rats and show quality rex mice, located in Buffalo, New York. 631
Zoo Tribe Rattery - Located in Longwood Florida; does not offer babies to the public. 2052

Rat and Mouse Clubs
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AFRMA - AFRMA's page on the web 1529
Australian National Rodent Association - Queensland Chapter 1355
Australian Rat Fanciers Society - The AusRFS has branches in just about every State in Australia, many of which also welcome mice. 1463
Club der Rattenfreunde Schweiz - (The Swiss Ratclub) Animal rights organization, that helps to place rats and provide rat information. 1246
Dansk Tamrotte Forum - Danish Petrat Society. Entirely in Danish, but a lovely site! 1879
Finnmouse's Site - The home page of the Finnish Show and Pet Mice club, Suomen Nayttely- ja Lemmikkihiiret. 1247
Foxy Rats - A pet rat group that includes polls, photos of rats and a message board. 1154
Kansas Rat Club - A community resource page for rat enthusiasts in Kansas and the Central U.S., that also has a mailing list to join. 1185
National Mouse Club of Great Britain - Formed over 100 years ago, the NMC encourages the breeding and exhibiting of fancy mice, publishes the rules and standards by which mice are judged and gives support to shows throughout the UK. 503
New South Wales Fancy Rat & Mouse Club 1207
NFRS - a UK rat club. 1212
North American Rat & Mouse Club - Formerly Northeast Rat & Mouse Club 1509
Pet Rats Indiana - A social media site dedicated to pet rats. 949
RANZ: Rat Association of New Zealand - A growing group of rat lovers from all over the country. 1096
Rat Assocation of Southwest Missouri - This club, formerly Kiopa's Allegiance of Rats, is dedicated to clearing up the 'bad' image of the rat. 1164
Rat Owner's Haven - A place for rat owners to hang out and share pictures of their rats. 674
Rat-A-Mania - A rat club with a free bi-weekly email newsletter. 1320
Rats Rule! - Huge rat loving community with very active forums, a vet directory and an expanding rat wiki! 977
Rattenclub Berlin-Brandenburg 1211
Ratzen Mauzers - Las Vegas/Southern Nevada area branch of the Rat and Mouse Club of America. Includes info for joining their group at Yahoo. 1183
Society of Michigan Rat Fanciers - The SMRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and improving the rat fancy! Be sure to check out their new store-- lots of hammocks and rat toys! 722
Svemus - Svemus, the Swedish Mouse Club! 1449
Svenska Råttsällskapet - Swedish Rat Society (site in Swedish!). 1059
Tails 'n All - Pet rat forum. A place to share ratty laughs, gain knowledge, learn, and make friends. 549
The Rat Fan Club - Read a sample issue of the Rat Report! 1694
The South African Rat Fan Club - Our ratties come first! The need for an organisation in South Africa whose primary interest is the welfare of domesticated rats did not exist until the establishment of the South African Rat Fan Club. 703
VdRD - Verein der Rattenliebhaber und -halter in Deutschland-- the oldest rat club in the German-speaking world, and a great source of rat info. German only. 1176
West Australian Chapter of ARFS - A social club for Ratties and their Pet Humans, with the aim of promoting responsible pet ownership. 1168

General Rodent Sites
Sites with info for rat and mouse lovers: health, FAQs, and other useful information.
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Angela Horn's Ultimate Pet Mouse Guide 3349
Antonia's page (Blackstaff Rats) - including Antonia and Angela's famous Pet Rat Info Sheet. 2305
bclee's RATS! - Rat stories, rat advice, rat info, rat pictures, and the original home of this very list of rat links! 2690
Burrowmakers Community - Our Community pages include discussion forums, photo galleries, reference information, links to other sites and much more. 787
Cat's Rats - Picture of Cat's kids, some medical tips, and some training advice. Cat's ratties are also in television and motion pictures! 1889
Corina's and Walter's Homepage - A German site with information on Homeopathy for rats. 1814
Crittery - Information on fancy mice, African pygmy dormice, zebra mice, Mongolian gerbils, and harvest mice, as well as rodent-friendly articles and a UK rescue centre map. 481
Electronic Zoo/NetVet - Rodents - Lots of rodent-related links, some veterinary, some research, some pet, some random . . . 1632
Filip Sebek's Rat Page - The mother of all rat pages! Rat genetics, rat standards, rat clubs, rat everything. Some info for other rodents as well. 2328
Five Furry Fuzzbombs - Stories & pictures, a television debut, memorials, plus info on care & health. 1673
Frequently Answer Questions from Rathelp - Frequently Answered questions from Rathelp and Ratinfo. 1615
Holger Kuehle's Rats and Badminton Homepage - No, no, no, as two SEPARATE topics! Not at the same time! Never, ever at the same time! Rat & RMCA (and badminton) info. Now with rat book reviews! 1432
Jazmyn Concolor's Rat FAQ - and African Giant Pouched Rats care and info articles are now on the web. 1322
KuddlyKorner4u - Beanie and Cecil welcome you for a little tour! 1335
Mia's Rat Index - Mia's rats, their cages, and a table of colors & markings. 1993
Mouse Hole of Jerry Da Liddle Maus - Lots of mouse info. 2121
Parker's The Rat's Nest 1330
Pet Information- Small Mammals, Exotics - Rats and more. 1663
Pet Rat and Other Pet Resources - Meet Sarah and Emma, and check out the links to some great sites. 1454
Pet-Mice.com - 'Everything you need to know about caring for pet mice.' 886
petrat.ca - 1,000 rat links, neatly organized by subject-- an absolutely amazing resource for rat lovers. 2271
petRats 3.0 - by Michael Fichtenmayer 1622
Rat Behavior and Biology - Articles based on Anne's exploration of the scientific literature and on her own observations of her rats' behavior. 1412
Rat Info - Everything you need to know about your furry friends-- forums, rat toys, facts and pictures! 572
Rat Sauce - Fun, informative rat site with everything from rat toys to examples of rat colors, varieties and markings. 1794
Rat World - Free email, message boards and chats, links and much more. 1764
RatAMaTat: The Wonderful World of Rats - Rat site with a lot of interactivity-- message boards, ecards, and random rattie polls, plus copious amounts of cute rat photos. 1443
Rats&Nonesuch - Complete with an English to rat translation dictionary. 1520
Rats4Rats - Promoting animal rights. Rat rights in particular. 1587
Rattenparadies.com - A large, nicely organized site for German rat lovers, covering health, housing and general information. 1262
Rattus Webus - The biggest site about pet rats in Czech Republic-- and full of great pictures and useful information. In English. 1553
Rattypaedia - In celebration of rats as pets! A rat-themed wiki. 1143
RattyRat.com - This site contains a large care guide, a product review section, a photo contest, lots of desktop pictures to download, and cute rats! 1792
Reite's Rodent Road Show - Where mice can be mice. Mouse info, a breeders list, and lots more! 1532
Rodents as Pets - Info about all sorts of rodent pets. 1582
Rodents Corner - Rila's Deer Mice. 1525
Rottenet (The Rat) - A Danish web site with lots of cute rats-- in Danish! 1633
Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats - The Holistic Care of Pet Rats, plus a wealth of other information for keeping your rats healthy and happy! 1017
Satu's Homepage - What is the best possible pet? I'm still not sure . . . Now with mouse standards. 1634
Small&Furries - A huge web site with a variety of rodents even more exotic than our own rats and mice. 2326
TadPfrog's Home Page - A Growing Pet Health Care Site by Jan McArthur, RVT/RVN. 1126
The Australian Rat & Mouse Home Page - Looking for rats or mice in Australia? Look here! 1397
The Natural Rat - Anabrese shares info relating to the holistic care of pet rats. 3380
The Rodent Habit - A site with a lot of information on rodents, neatly compiled and organized, plus cute rat and mouse pictures, stories and poems. 1730
The Wererat's Lair - Kristin's personal site: Rat galleries, Rat Facts, Rat Help, the Rattie Desktop Theme, and D&D with Rats. 1407
Valerie's Mice Page - Info for mouse care. 2003
Virginia's Rat Page - Lots of links to articles, FAQs, rat stories, suppliers, etc. 1609

Rat and Mouse supplies, treats and collectables.
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Animal Art by Sandy - Beautiful watercolor art for sale, including some very cute rats! 1827
BrandyDesigns Fancy Rat Signs - Beautiful and unique signs for your home or rattery! 1573
Burrowmakers - Catalog with a wide selection of products for rodents, including specialty items. 938
City Zoo - Pet store located in Elmira New York. 824
Clay Creations - Adorable clay rats from Renaissance Rattery. 1649
Fern Cage Manufacturing Co. - Cages, wheels, and more. The only cage that carries the RMCA stamp of approval! 1995
Friends 4 Fuzzies Rat Store - Quality Rat Beds at Great Prices. More New listings coming Soon! 699
Gottaspoilem Furkid Designs - Cage accessories (hammocks) and other items to spoil your favorite furkids. 1347
Headstrong - Plush rats, rodent prints, and other rodent collectibles are available for purchase through this UK site. 2009
House Mouse Designs - The 'Micest' Designs in the World! Whimiscal drawings of mice by Vermont artist Ellen Jareckie featured on a variety of products. 1652
How to Catch a Mouse Humanely - Read some of the new book THE MOUSE, THE PROFESSOR, AND ME, which utilizes humane methods of capturing mice. 705
Kaczie's Bedding for the Little Critters - Danielle has hand made bedding pieces, cage sets and toys for various types of small animals. 680
KCR Creations Critter Hammocks - Comfy and sturdy economical hammocks from Kissable Critters Rattery. 1223
Mumsey's Mouse House - The MumseyMouse Family of original, collectible handmade mice: dressed adorable little felt mice in everything from bridal gowns to soldier uniforms. 413
New River Media - is selling copies of their documentary 'Rat' as seen on National Geographic Explorer. 1214
Pet Web Site - Has a lot of resources for pets, including rats and mice, and has a Pet Web Site Rat Store as well. 2348
PocketPet Collectibles - Limited and one-of-a-kind products for those who collect or enjoy PocketPet Collectibles. A percentage of every sale goes to help pocketpets orphanages and for public education on them as pets. 1285
Puppy Paws Inc. - In addition to many other 'prints' there are some beautiful pendants with rat tracks on them. 434
Rat Toy.com - High quality pet rat and mice toys handmade in the USA. 712
Rataholics Anonymous - Colorful and fun handmade plush rats, magnets, cards, keyrings, and sculptures personalized to look like your own rats! Based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. 871
Rats: The Great Underrated Pet - 70-minute DVD documentary full of rattie goodness! Perfect gift for yourself or another rat lover. 843
Rattenfestival - Bid on one-of-a-kind 70lb, 5' tall, beautiful art rats from Hamelin Germany. Yes, *that* Hamelin. 1492
Rattie World O' Comfort - Since 2003, Mary's site has sold things (including hammocks!) for fancy rats and their owners. 67
Ratty Corner - An absolutely amazing site-- wonderful personalized gifts (look for the Yinyang ratties!), fun things to do with rats' cages, info for making hammocks-- be prepared so spend a while on this site! 1629
Ritzy Ratz Online Pet Shop - An online pet shop that specializes in toys, chews, cage accesories for pet rats and other small fuzzy critters. 1890
Rodent World - Food, bedding, habitats, toys and treats for your rodents! 918
Ruthie-chan's Custom Labels - Where you can have your beloved pets on your personal mailing labels. 1308
SMRF Webstore - Servicing the US with items like hammocks, treats, Oxbow, Wodent wheels, Water Buddy bottles, cleaning supplies, and even gifts and greeting cards. Prices won't be beat! 658
Snuggle Rat - Snuggly rats snuggling in snuggly hammocks! 2028
Steel Visions - Unique and whimsical custom metal sculptures, many of which are rats. 1481
The Illustrated Rat - More of Matt Kaplin & Drusilla Kehl's beautiful rat art! 798
The Illustrated Rat - Rats from fantasy, history and real life drawn by artist and calligrapher, Matt Kaplin. He is inspired by his own pets, a love of the past, and a boundless imagination. 1329
The Magic Zoo Unique Rat and Mice Jewelry - Artist Merry Rosenfield designs and makes animal jewelry in clay, sterling silver and 14K gold. Custom work and name badges with the animals of your choice are also available. 997
The Raggyrat Company - Rag doll rats and rubber stamps. 1620
The Rat Detector - Listen to rats, mice, and bats on The Belfry Bat and Rat Detector. Find out for sure that your rats are laughing at you. 1379
The Rattie Refuge - Hammocks! Hammocks! Ge-et your Hammocks! (Sorry, couldn't resist *grin*) 1356
The Vermin Rat Company presents Dirty Ratz - All-occasion plush 'vermin' bringing special meaning to holidays, birthdays, weddings, break-ups, divorces, anniversaries, audits, parole violations, mob hits, bankruptcies & so much more. 1300
Transoniq's Wodent Wheels - Wheels for your rat to run in. 1236
Vermin Brewing - The Taste will Plague You! 1064
Vitakraft USA - Yogurt Drops!! 1232

Miscellaneous and Fun Stuff
Sites that don't fit elsewhere, but may benefit rodents.
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Bartels Pet Clinic - Rodent-friendly health care in Garfield Heights, Ohio. 1894
CometZone Rats - Rat cursors for your web site! 1436
Gerodeans Mouse & Rat ecard - Lots of cute rodent ecards! 369
Mr Tillo's rat haus reality gallery - A really hard-to-clean rat toy. 1477
National Zoo Naked Mole-Rat Cam - Live video feed of a colony of rodents with an unusual social structure. 1446
Naughty Little Riff - Blog, complete with photos and drawings, of a 'naughty' hooded rat. 1518
Newton and Copernicus - Read John Olsen's comic strip about two lab rats in the R-7 project. 993
Pet Site Guides - Links to many pet sites, including our favorite little furry friends. 841
Rat Olympics games - Rats&Spears: play the first in a series of computer games for all platforms where the main actors are rats sportsmen. 1037
Robyn's Rats RatCards - Visit Robyn's unique and humorous greeting card website; there are rat cards as well as Mouseterpieces! 373
Rodent Ratings - A site where people can upload photos of their pet rodents and rate how adorable other people’s pet rodents are. 1292
Roosevelt Rats - the class rats for Scott Smith's 5th grade class. 1617
Whiskers in the Wind - A beautifully-made watercolor picturebook about an enterprising young rat, in video form (about 12 minutes) for ages 4 and up. 37

Personal Pages
Web sites dedicated to pet rats and mice.
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Aaaaaargh. The Ratz! - A UK rat site. Also RATHOO! and the Northern Rat Club 3394
Absolute Rats - Good information and great rat pictures! 5053
Authentic Rat-enhanced Specialties - From their customer comments: 'This is so awesome! I was pretty tired of chewing holes in my own clothes . . .' 1739
BadRat Multimedia Productions - Meet the BadRat, Phoebe. 1925
Chez Rodentia - A rat home constructed from a bookcase, with love, for the luckiest rats in the world... 884
Chez's Website - Chez the rat says he is 4 years old! 1491
Cinder Rat's Photo Journal - Great pictures tracking Cinder's pregnancy & the babies' growth. 2095
Clawed's Domain - See some extreme close up photos of Clawed. 1633
Clesto's Pet Rats - Visit the site of a young rat lover in Australia. 1410
Egon and his critters - Rat pics and possibly the strangest mouse you've ever seen. 1792
Excuse Me, I've Gone A Bit Ratty. - Tiffany's site about the joy of rat ownership. 619
Fancy Ratties - LeeAnne's rats have their own fully furnished doll house! 1648
Horatius the Adventurer - If you enjoy stories about rats and mice, then why not visit this site! 1814
Jimmy's mice Benjy and Frankie Mouse - Benjy and Frankie Mouse say, 'Hi there.' 1669
K-Rats !!!! - Pictures & some animated GIFs. 2506
Krause Haus - See the aptly named 'zoo.' Pictures & bio's of rats and mice and all manner of beasties. 1515
La Page Des Rats - A wonderful French site with especially good pictures of baby rats from birth through weaning. 1382
Lee's Rats - General information on rats with cute pictures scattered throughout! 999
Les Rongeurs - Both English and French versions exist. 1062
Lisa's Rat Homepage - Great maze game, rat poetry, and lots of pics, from a sweet friend who is sadly missed by the RMCA. 1380
Lucy's Rats and Paintings - Meet the rats, and be sure to check the beautiful and brightly colored rattie paintings from one of our favorite rescuers. 1320
LUX-Rotter - Danish rat site with plenty of cute pictures! 521
Mario Mouse - The Official Web Site of the fastest mouse in the world, Mario Mouse. 1511
Melanie's Rat Page - Melanie's web site dedicated to her rats. Lots of photos! 809
Michelle's homepage: Ratz are cool - Lots of cute pictures. 1416
Miss Twiggy's Rat Page - Miss Twiggy seems to be developing an addiction to hairless rats. 1239
Mouse Interrupted - A site devoted to one small creature found creeping through literature and art, across continents and across centuries, and sometimes into our houses. 588
Mousini's Planet - Clivia's delightful rattie web site, full of great pictures of her rats past and present. 1708
My adorable rats! - All about Gnawer (Nora). 1166
Nicci and The Rolofson Rats - Links & pictures. 1428
Old Dutchman Brewing - and the Rats of the Round Table 1102
Paul's Default Boring Home Page - See Paul's rats and read about rats in the media. 1075
RAFU, du rififi chez les rats - Beautifully illustrated site with lots of information and personal anecdotes on pet rats. In French. 1316
Rat in My Pocket - Rat photos, rat recipes, rat stories and a store with rat shirts! 676
Rat Tailes - Rat games, T-Shirts, chatroom, and some neat articles. 1450
RatMania - Italian site with many wonderful pictures of rats (baby rats!) and useful rat information. 894
Rats R Cool!!! - Site made by a young RMCA member. 1422
Real Rat Chat For Real Rat Lovers - Real chat about real rats - their life their loves. Follow our rats and swap advice between rat lovers and veterinarians on problems and other issues. 485
Renée Ann Byrd's Rodentia - Bios of Renée's rats. 1558
Ringo's Rat Tales - This blog is a mommy/son project that captures some fun times with our rambunctious rodents. We hope you enjoy our adventures! 640
SAL Studios: The Art of Steph Laberis - Be sure to check out her cartoon 'How to wash a rat!' It's a favorite in the RMCA forums. 1704
Sal's Page - with her rat Wolf: How to get 17 rats without even trying. 1175
Sergey's Rat Page 2000 - Check out the awesome photo of a leaping rat on the pictures page. 1464
Shelley's page - All about Clivia's rat, Shelly. 1058
Speed and Lady - A rat comic featuring the antics of Speed and Lady. 1432
Spider's Diary - Spider became a daddy recently, and there is a really neat set of pictures of the babies as they're growing. 1476
SunnyBlu's Groovy Space Rats - Home of 'The Rat Addicts Guide to Being Owned by a Rat (...or Several...)' 1393
Terry Becker's Rat Page - All kinds of rat stuff. 1699
The Literary Rats - Meet Justin, Templeton and Little Edgar. 1203
The Rag - Lots of pics, but best yet - Rattoons! 1409
The Rat Bar - Ever wonder which movie or TV show to watch if you want to see a rat? Wonder no more! 1416
The Rat Palace - Meet Alfie, Max, Eric and George 1196
The Rat Patch - Pictures, bios and dietary preferences of some cute pet rats. 1551
The Rat's Guide to Responsible Human Ownership - Ignor Jean's rats and you WILL suffer. 1221
The Ratcage - pictures, links, etc. 1984
Toadmaster - Someone calling themselves 'Toadmaster' has a page about hairless rats. 1186
Vote Snuffles President 2004 - 'I want your vote, not your money stuff!' says Snuffles. 1017
Why Rats are Good Friends to Have - Need a smile? Visit this page! 1869

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