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Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service

Updated May 2001 from the May/June 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Originally called the Rodent Welfare and Information Victoria, the Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service is an organization devoted to promoting the responsible care and ownership of the domestic rat. Founded in August of 1997, the aim is to give the often scorned and misunderstood rat a ‘new image’. In doing this we offer advice on feeding, health, and general keeping of the domestic rat as well as information on breeding and rehousing.

Another aim of the club is to educate members about our native Australian rats, conservation of the species, and preservation of their habitats. We also aim to educate schools, students, and the general community on the alternatives to using the rat, or any animal, dead or alive, in classroom experiments.

We provide information and contacts on cruelty-free products, and humane control methods to use for feral rats.

We have been gathering information since January of 1996 and have a large contact network. In the event that we cannot answer any of your rat questions, we have many outside sources who definitely will be able to.


We are asking all you rat lovers out there to put pen to paper and write us something for our newsletters. Your article could be anything: poems, true life stories, drawings, a made up fairy tale with your rat as the good guy or gal, your views on vivisection or dissection, a cruelty-free product you have found that is worth a comment, even recipes your rat loves for those who cook for that special furball. All articles will be used in our coming newsletters.

Some, if considered suitable enough, may even go to further publications like Action Magazine, Animals Today, or other animal considerate publications. These are non-profit, however full credit will always be given for everything used.

For more information please write to:

Rebekah Blackwolf
PO Box 4248
Ringwood, Victoria 3134

Our e-mail is: amris_rodents@hotmail.com
our website is: http://www.geocities.com/petsburgh/reserve/5824/