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The Blue Rat Support Group

By Julia Selby
From the November/December 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The Blue Rat Support Group was formed in December 1996, after I had just acquired my first two Blue Berkshire bucks (Duncan and Richie) - you could say these two were my inspiration. At first, the group was just for Blue rats, hence the groupís name, but I realized that it was more than just Blue rats that needed help to become a recognized variety, so the group opened its doors to all new and rare varieties of rats.

The primary aims of the group are to help the breeding and exhibition of all new and rare varieties. At the present, the group is quite small; I only have fifteen members, but considering I only had seven members last year, I haven't really done too badly.

There is a quarterly newsletter, in which members write about the progress they are having with their chosen variety. The size of the newsletter differs each issue; sometimes it is thicker than others. I am looking for several regular contributors if anyone is interested.

When you join, you receive your quarterly newsletter and a membership card. There is also a breeders register, where new/rare variety breeders names and addesses are kept, so that if anyone writes wanting a certain breed I can give them their nearest breeders address. For a years membership it is One pound and Fifty pence. (Make all checks payable to The Blue Rat Support Group. All money sent must be in English currency).

Also I am looking for a name for the newsletter. If anyone has any ideas write to me. The name picked will win a prize!

If you are interested in joining the club or would like more information, please write or e-mail me :

Miss Julia Selby,
121 Lancaster Road, Morecambe
Lancashir, LA4 5QJ
e-mail : harmony@easynet.co.uk

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