Product Review:
Pet Rat Bounce Back & Boredom Buster by Super Pet

Mary Ann Isaksen and Diane Carson
From the January/February 2001 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The Bounce Back and the Boredom Buster are very similar in design. The Bounce Back has a solid, heavy bottom designed to act similar to the old weeble toys (weebles wobble, but they don't fall down) with holes in the body of the rat-design to distribute treats. The Boredom Buster has a bottom with holes cut in it to distribute the treats and has a chain on top to hang it in your pets cage. Both designs unscrew at the bottom for putting treats in, and both have a bell that rings when the rats try to get at the treats.

The holes in the body of the Bounce Back are much smaller than the holes in the bottom of the Boredom Buster, so only small treats such as raisins, Cheerios, grain mix, oatmeal, and sunflower seeds. You can use much larger treats in the Boredom Buster such as nuts in the shell (especially almonds) and even small dog bones. You can even try fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables providing you wash it out daily.

Both of these toys can be quite noisy while your rats are working at getting the treats out (bells ringing and the toy banging against the side of the cage), but, unless you have your rats right next to your bed at night, this shouldn't pose a problem. As long as there are treats inside, the rats seem to love to play with these toys.

Diane Carson says, "My rats had so much fun with this new toy. I am pleased to see a company making new rat-related toys. Here are a few treat suggestions to try: raisins, Cheerios, grain mix, and frozen peas. Your pet will have fun rocking this toy back and forth trying to get the treats out."

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