Mary Ann Isaksen
From the March/April 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Prior to leaving California for Massachusetts, Rick at Western Research Products gave me a new product to try that they are carrying. It’s called Cell Sorb Plus™ animal bedding. I brought it with me and waited until after I had used my normal bedding (CareFRESH ® Ultra) for a couple of cleanings so I would have something to compare it with.

I found the Cell Sorb Plus™ to be incredibly absorbent and fantastic at odor control. I was able to double the time between changing the litter. In addition, the content of the 2.5 cubic foot bag (40 pounds) went three times farther than my current bedding, which made it much more cost effective.

Cell Sorb PlusTM is made from recycled newspaper and contains no lead. It is also softer than products such as Bio-Flush and Yesterday’s News, also made from recycled newspaper, which makes it much more comfortable for the animals. Normal Cell Sorb Plus™ is gray in color, but is also available in white, although the cost is more than double that of the gray.

Contact Al Fangman, Sr. at Fangman Specialties, Inc., 897 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245, (513) 752-4500 for a distributor in your area. You can also order direct, but the freight charges may be expensive. The cost of a 2.5 cubic foot (40 pound) bag direct is $14.80 plus shipping and handling. Still, well worth it! Pallet prices are considerably less. Pallets contain 33 - 2.5 cu ft bags, or 66 - 1.1 cu ft bags. Fangman Specialties also has a web site for more information. Check it out at http://www.cell-sorb-plus.com!

Highly Recommended

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