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Ferret Corner Litter Boxes

Napping Place of Champions

Sarah Shuman
From the May/June 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Ferret hammocks are great resting places for rats - comfy, high in the cage, and a great place to cuddle, but they do have a few drawbacks. These include lack of resistance to rattie teeth, a tendency to become stinky very fast, and they can require you to do amazing contortions (much to the mirth of your ratties, the glee of your chiropractor, and the amusement of your spouse) to install them.

I have found a solution I like much better - Ferret Corner Litter Boxes. They are sturdy, long-lasting, easy to install, easy to clean, and comfy, not to mention adorable when filled with little ratties with their eyes closed and their little tails sticking out!

This is what you do: Go buy one or more ferret litter boxes. These are the triangular ones with the hanging tabs on the back. Check for the tabs or plan on punching holes in them and hanging them with clips from the hardware store. Peel out the stickers and wash them with soapy water. Rinse and dry them. Fill them with either a heavy bedding (to prevent them from making confetti showers on the rest of the cage, which they seem to enjoy - especially the girls) or some nice fluffy rattie rags. Warn your chiropractor not to count on that vacation in the Caribbean yet. Tell your spouse to quit that anticipatory sniggering. Then, reach in and hook the tabs over the wires at one top corner of the cage. Easy, huh? You’ll love seeing how much your ratties enjoy hanging out in these great cage additions!


Ferret Corner Litter Box
photo by Becky Jones

You should be able to find these in any pet shop that carries ferret supplies. They are made by SuperPet and run about $6.99 each.

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