Eco-Bedding Product Reviews

Janet Girard and Diane Newburg
From the RMCA web site, July 2006

I am a rat person who has recently tried this product for the first time and give it two thumbs up! It seems to be holding odor down much better than chip type bedding and other commercial litters I've used. In fact, I have been able to wait longer between cage cleaning times, which is a big plus when you have 6 cages! It is also easier to pick up if any lands outside the cage on the carpet, unlike the thorny bits from chip bedding that embed themselves in everything (a pain to try to vacuum up or wash out!).Eco-Bedding

The rats seem to like it, too. They dive through it like kids playing with confetti. I will happily use this product again.

~Janet Girard

I absolutely love this bedding for my mice and hamsters who are major burrowers. They arrange it in big nests with elaborate tunnels. It is great for odor control and is an easy, clean and FUN bedding. Most beddings purport to be dust free, but Eco-Bedding truly is. It is expensive initially but lasts a really long time. You can just remove any wet bedding, shake out the droppings and use it again - and again.

The company that makes Eco-Bedding is Ranpak and they are the nicest people. If you have any questions or comments, you can be sure they will listen.

~Diane Newburg

Visit the manufacturer's site: http://www.eco-bedding.com/

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