Product Review:
The Fuzzy Buddy Hyd-Inn

Mary Ann Isaksen
From the September/October 1999 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The Fuzzy BuddyTM Hyd-Inn is a colorful wooden ďshed,Ē enclosed on three sides to provide privacy and a secure place for rodents to snooze in. They come with a fluff-type bedding material for the rodents to make a nest with as well. My rats didnít seem to care about the bedding and preferred to either sleep on the litter in their cage on which the Hyd-Inn sat, or they pulled the T-shirt material I provide for them inside. Iím sure this is just a personal preference and many rodents would be happy to have the soft, fluffy bedding.

The Fuzzy BuddyTM Hyd-Inn comes in three different sizes. Hyd-Inn #1 is ideal for mice, hamsters, and gerbils, or any other tiny rodent. I put it in the cage with my 4-week old rat boys and they love it! Even now, at more than 8 weeks old, they still pile inside to take a nap or lay on the top of it. Neither one of them has even tried to gnaw on the wood, making me believe this product will last a long, long time.

Hyd-Inn #2 is ideal for rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and short-tailed opossums. Its large size will allow several full-grown male rats to curl up together inside. Woody, Bo, and Davis enjoyed their Hyd-Inn very much, and none of them ever chewed on the wood at all (and they destroyed every cardboard box I ever put in their cage to serve this purpose). Now that Woody and Bo are gone, Davis still spends a lot of time in his Hyd-Inn.

Hyd-Inn #3 is ideal for ferrets, rabbits, prairie dogs, and degus. I donít have any of these animals, so canít give any personal review, but I believe these animals would be happy with one in their home as well.

I have seen Fuzzy BuddyTM products in several pet stores, but havenít seen the Hyd-Innsí yet. Therefore, I donít know what the retail price of these products are. However, since it is one that offers peace of mind to my rats, and appears to be one that will have a good long life, I would be happy to pay whatever the going price is. If anyone is interested in finding out how they can get their own, please contact Joseph Zeiler, President of Walla-Bee Inc. at:

(773) 743-9921
FAX (773) 743-9922

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