Product Review:
The Rattie Refuge Pocket Hammocks

Mary Ann Isaksen
From the May/June 1999 Rat & Mouse Gazette

At the RMCA New England Christmas party in December 1998, member Beth Johnson brought me a few hammocks she had made for me to test on my rats. I thought they were beautiful - a truly unique design, but it still took me a couple of weeks to actually put them in my cages since I figured they would just get chewed up anyway. That was the usual habit of just about every rat Iíve ever had.

One of the designs was a ďpocket hammock.Ē Instead of just a flat piece of fabric for the rats to lay on, it has two pockets for them to hide under, snuggle up, and get warm. She also had standard hammocks. Both designs are made out of polar fleece and are so incredibly soft that I canít keep my rats out of them! Much to my surprise, after three months of testing these fabulous hammocks, my rats have made only minor ďmodificationsĒ to them. They have slightly chewed the fabric Beth sews over the edges to keep them from fraying, and only a hole large enough for a head to peek out has been chewed in the body of each pocket hammock. They havenít done a bit of damage to the fabric or nylon straps that hold the metal shower curtain hangers, which is what attaches the hammocks to the cage.

Beth is making her wonderful, under-priced hammocks in small, medium, and large in both the pocket and standard designs. They range in price from $6 to $8 for the standard design and $8 to $12 for the pocket design. You canít beat those prices! She is also making polar fleece tubes that hang in the cage, and bags that hang on the side of the cage. Beth has even thought of the little mice and offers a side bag, standard hammock, and tube in sizes just for them. Prices for mouse sizes are only $3.50 and $4 each. You canít go wrong ordering these great products from The Rattie Refuge. I know my rats will never be without these great hammocks! Contact Beth Johnson for more information and a complete product list with prices. Or visit The Rattie Refuge at http://members.tripod.com/RatsRefuge/therattierefuge.htm

Testimonial: The biggest problem was putting it in the cage. I had 14 boys trying to climb in it as I was setting it up. They LOVE it.
~Diane Newburg

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