Rats: The Hard Sell

Louise Hope
From the RMCA web site, August 2004

Has someone in your household been slow to appreciate the many attractions of the rat?

Perhaps they believe that rats are simply greedy and self-centered...

Phoebe and Molly
Photo: "Cici&Belle" Rats: Phoebe and Molly

"Got the drill? You distract her by doing something cute, and I'll start working on the jewelry box.

Photo: Courtney Davidson Rat: Ceres

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

... or that rats cannot coexist without coming into conflict,

whether it be sibling rivalry...

... or dedicated athleticism.

Vic and Sal
Photo: Shawna Oltman Rats: Vic and Sal

"Mo-om! Sal's copying me!"
"Mom! Vic's copying me!"

Milo and Max
Photo: Leesa Hanagan Rats: Milo and Max
Caption: Leesa Hanagan and "SouthernRat"

Milo and Max practice their routine for the synchronized napping event in the upcoming 2004 Ratolympics Games.

Color commentators:
Well, Bob, what we have here is a highly skilled team. They practice for this event for hours and hours every day.
Yes, Gene, they really do, and it shows in their technique too. What a proud person the coach of this team must be! I am sure we will be seeing a lot from this team in future events. It looks like they are gonna win this one heads down!

It is time for these people to learn the rat's many good qualities, both as team players and as individuals.

There are many ways rats can cooperate:

from shared work at the food dish...

... to multi-player games.

Kaly and Ceres
Photo: Courtney Davidson Rats: Kaly and Ceres

"Now remember! I hold the bowl at a tilt, while you stretch for that last drop of cheese dip."

Photo: Cathy Willis Rat: Storm Caption: "SouthernRat"

"95 ... 96 ... I am not peeking! ... 97 ... 98 ..."

Many other rats have succeeded entirely by their own efforts.

There are successful businessrats...

solo athletes...

and the traditional hunter-gatherer:

Photo: Shawna Oltman Rat: Isis
Caption Idea: "RattRocker"

This week's special:
Ears Pierced While You Wait!
Sweet Nothings at no extra charge

Photo: Courtney Davidson Rat: Kaly
Caption: "SouthernRat"

Hello, and welcome once again to this year's fuzzy Olympics. We now join the backwards tailvaulting event, already in progress. It looks as if this year's contestants are in for some stiff competition from this athlete.

Photo: Louise Hope Rat: Xena

"No time for ladder! Must... reach... egg!"

Still not convinced? If so, it may be time for...

Son of Hard Sell!

A special thanks to everyone from the RMCA "Cuteness" Forums that contributed photos and captions!