Product Review: Harlan Teklad Lab Blocks

Becky Jones
From the July/August 2000 Rat & Mouse Gazette

I finally got around to ordering some Harlan Teklad lab blocks after having used PMI Rodent Diet for almost a year. The formula I ordered is the Harlan Teklad Rodent Diet #8604 (the same product sold by the Rat and Mouse Club of America). I chose this one because it is not preserved with BHA/BHT (proven cancer causing preservatives) and because the first ingredient listed is soybean meal instead of corn (though corn is second). It is the typical rodent block: rectangular, but rounded, yellowish brown (though more yellow and longer than PMI). It doesn't look terribly impressive, but then what lab block does? The price is pretty good for having it shipped in from Wisconsin. It cost me $21.73 for a 50 pound bag of PMI to pick up locally. Harlan Teklad cost me $22 to $23 with shipping (in 1998). (Editor's note: They no longer manufacture 50 pound bags. They are now 33 pounds.)

I love this food. I really think the rats eat less of it because it is more nutritionally complete than PMI. I know I was going through a 50 pound bag of PMI in at least a month with 20-30 rats. It takes me a month and a half to two months to go through the same amount of Harlan Teklad with the same number of rats. I have also noticed that the rats are more svelte now and not as chubby. I would dare to say some of mine were bordering on fat, but aren't as bad now as they were. They do seem to eat this stuff just as readily as any other block, although I really think they like it a lot better than the PMI.

Shipping is also excellent. I generally get it within a week of placing the order, but usually sooner.

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