Product Review:
Lixit Foodhopper

Virginia Simpson
From the July/August 1999 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The first thing I noticed about the Lixit FoodHopper was that it is hard to hang it in a cage. The wire hanger that comes with it seems to have been designed for use with an aquarium. I wound up replacing it with an ordinary paperclip, which has worked quite well.

Chewy wasnít quite sure what it was at first, but once I showed him lab blocks came out of it, they began to disappear.

If I fill it more than 1/4 to 1/3 full the blocks seem to jam in tight enough that theyíre difficult to remove. Since Chewy is a single rat, that isnít a problem. Any more and they would get stale before he finished them. Someone with a lot of rats would probably want to be able to fill it, so this is a potential problem.

A couple of times, Iíve noticed Chewy gnawing on the plastic bars on the bottom. So far, he hasnít even dented them, but since theyíre plastic, a determined rat could chew through them and ruin the holder. Since it has a dome shaped top, the bottom is really the only part vulnerable to rat teeth. Itís a screw-on piece, so it may be possible to order replacements.

All considered, for Chewy itís a great device. It gives him something to fight with to get his food, and keeps the blocks clean and dry.

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