Product Review: Nylabone

Deborah Newgard
From the November/December 2000 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Nylabone has come up with some new, very delicious flavors of chews that rats can't resist. Flavors like strawberry, grape, banana, watermelon, corn, peach, and orange are all low in protein and fat, making them a wonderful treat for any chew-hungry rat or mouse.

Diane Newburg says, "I purchased four of the new flavored Nylabones in watermelon, orange, spinach, and grape flavors. Within a few days, my rat-tasters/testers had eagerly devoured them. All give these new flavors an enthusiastic paws up!"

These newly discovered treats come in medium and large sizes and can be purchased for a nominal cost of $2 to $3 each in your local pet store. They are also available at RMCA Southern California chapter shows.

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