International News

Rattenclub Berlin-Brandenburg

From the January/February 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette


We reported on the Rattenclub Berlin-Brandenburg once before, but didnít have much information. Christiane Frost has sent us a copy of their publication, Ratzblatt, which is published in German, and a copy of Mc Rat Shop, a catalog full of rat merchandise that is a must for every rat lover! The catalog is also published in German, but Iím sure you could get someone from there to translate dialogue and prices for you if you order from them. The catalog contains several different stickers, bookmarks, buttons, stationery, a beautiful medallion, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, postcards, and lots, lots more! Magazines

She also sent us the beautiful drawing above and many, many fantastic photos, some of which Iíve used in this issue, but there are so many great shots theyíll be appearing in several issues to come! We will also be receiving much more from their many talented members. They would like to exchange views, ideas, and information with other fanciers world wide and keep their membership up on what is going on around the world regarding rats, so letís try to make this a true exchange, members - please send in a submission for the Gazette and include something for the Rattenclub Berlin-Brandenburg!