Product Review: Nutrical

Diane Newburg
From the Jan/Feb 1996 Gazette Rat & Mouse Gazette

NUTRI-CAL Dietary supplement

Nutrical is a great supplement; rich golden brown and the consistency of toothpaste, rats find it irisistable. I would recommend giving it to your rats early in life so they get familiar with the taste. If they ever get sick, Nutrical can literally save a rat's life. This is something they may eat even when a food they love (like avocado) fails to interest them.

It also can prove very effective as a training aid. Since it is so palatable to rats, they go out of their way to obtain this reward. Easy to treat them right from the tube.

Also useful as a camouflage for oral medications, especially pill form. The tiny pill nugget can be hidden right in the tip of the tube of Nutrical and eaten right along with it. Usually the rat has no idea she has eaten a pill, since she is so busy just trying to get more! You need to research local pet stores since the price can fluctuate from between $7 and $10 per tube. I can also be purchased far cheaper from Omaha Vaccine (800.367.4444) and KV Vet Supply (800.423.8211). Also available at all RMCA shows.

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