Product Review:
Rosicchio by Ciuffogatto

Mary Ann Isaksen
From the September/October 1999 Rat & Mouse Gazette

We published a favorable review of Booda Velvets in the November/December 1997 issue of the Gazette. Now, there is a new cornstarch chew manufactured by a different company especially for rodents. I believe the company is in Italy. It is Ciuffogatto, and the name of the chew treat is Rosicchio. It comes in these shapes and flavors: acorn, peanut, walnut, carrot, celery, corncob, and cheese.

Knowing that my rats already liked the Booda Velvets, it didnít surprise me when they went nuts over these new ones, especially since they were flavors that most rodents would like. Of course, as with any treat, I wouldnít give these to them every day, but as an occasional treat, I recommend them. I understand that they are being sold at Petco, but I donít know how much they are being sold for. You may contact the General Manager of U.S. Operations, Eva D. Smith at:

16232 Melody Lane
Huntington Beach, CA
for more information.

(714) 846-1370
FAX (603) 737-7971

CIUFFOGATTO http://www.ciuffogatto.it

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