Product Review:
Pet Rat Squeak-n-Treat by Super Pet

Mary Ann Isaksen
From the January/February 2001 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The new Squeak-n-Treat by Super Pet is a small (6 inches from nose to tip of tail) stuffed rat with a squeaker sewn inside. There is a 1 inch by 2 inch pouch on the underside of the toy in which to put a treat. These toys are very, very cute - in fact, the Beige Blazed Hooded one is so cute that I think every rat owner would want one just to have in her rat collection.

However, I believe that Super Pet has missed the mark on this one being a treat-toy for pet rats. My rats didn't even recognize that there was a treat in the toy's belly for quite some time, and when they did, they didn't work it out nicely, leaving the toy intact. No, they went straight through the fabric with their teeth to get at the treat, rendering the toy unusable for that purpose after the very first time. Pet rats (even my big fat 2½ pound boy) are too light to trigger the squeak-part of the toy.

The toy is washable, but it is also recommended to stop using it when the stuffing is exposed. For those with major chewers it would need to be replaced frequently, but for those with non-chewers it could last for several washings.

I do think this toy is a great addition to a rattie's toy box - just not in the way it was intended. It makes a great little fuzzy buddy for pet rats to cuddle up with while sleeping. And, I also think that it makes a very cute addition to the rattie collection for the human.

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