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Swiss Club of Rat Friends

From the September/October 1998 Rat & Mouse Gazette

The Club of Rat Friends CH is an animal protection organization founded 5 February, 1995 and newly belongs to the Swiss Society for the Protection of Animals.

Our main goals are: Information about the best keeping of the animals at home and in laboratories, advice before the purchase of an animal, advice and help when experiencing problems with rats, placement of homeless rats, exchange of experience among other rat friends, and arranging of events, public functions, and information desks.

Why found a club?

The rat as a pet is relatively new in Switzerland and the need for information and advice is great.


Against prejudices

Although the rat is a popular and beloved pet, there are still many people being prejudiced against these intelligent, lovable, and very clean animals. The prejudices result from ignorance, therefore, we must introduce as many people as possible to rats as pets. If people know more about them, they will understand them better and can give them better homes. To satisfy the needs of the animals held as pets, is clearly our main goal.

The Swiss Rat Club maintains a help line where questions are answered by experienced rat friends. The club also had several emergency stations where homeless rats are collected and kept until they can be placed in a good home. The club does not sell rats. When someone is interested in a pet rat from the rat club stations, the new home is inspected by members of the rat club and, if they give the okay, the rats will be brought to their new owner. Technically, the rats still belong to the club. From time to time, members will carry out a spot check to ensure the rats have found a good home.

The club never gives out single rats, unless they will join other rats. The Swiss Rat Club is strictly against the selling of rats in pet shops (animals should not be sold, but adopted) and does not encourage the breeding of rats by inexperienced breeders.

Everyone can become a member of the Swiss Rat Club by paying a small yearly fee. This fee also contains the cost for the quarterly Rat Post, a magazine produced by the club. Next to the yearly general meeting, there is also the very popular Rat Brunch, where rat friends can sit together and exchange experiences over a delicious brunch. Of course, the rats are also welcome to the brunch! For more information regarding becoming a member, please write to:

Club der Rattenfreunde CH
Deborah Millet
Birmensdorferstrasse 483, CH-8055
Zürich, Switzerland