Product Review:
Hoffman Designs Herbal Rodent Treats

Mary Ann Isaksen
From the May/June 1999 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Weíve been blessed with yet another terrific product made by one of our own members. Paula Hoffman sent me some herbal treats she makes for her rats for me to try with my rats.

The treats are about a half inch in diameter and one quarter inch thick. They are made with corn mean, flour, and the slightest bit of oil, along with organically grown herbs, so they are very healthy treats. They currently come in the following flavors: Basil, Parsley, Mint, Chives, Celery, and Oregano.

I have to admit that the flavors didnít sound all that appetizing to me, but the rats didnít even hesitate for half a second before snatching them out of my fingers! This is quite a feat, since my rats are pretty spoiled with yogurt drops. Every one of the flavors was met with the same enthusiasm, and the rats are just as thrilled after eating them for several months as they were the first day.

I had such a high opinion of these treats that I decided to work with Paula and offer them for sale through the club, and you know we only sell the best stuff for rats and mice! Paula is currently working on a treat for mice which contains anise, a flavor that mice are supposed to love.

For more information about ordering, see the merchandise section of this and future issues.

Testimonial: I was a bit skeptical about the names of the flavors (Basil, Celery, Chives, Mint, Oregano, Parsley), but each kind was inhaled. These treats definitely get a four paws up from this household of 30 rat testers-tasters.
~Diane Newburg

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