An Update on the USDA

From the RMCA web site, October 2004

From Nat at pawofjustice.org:

Rats and mice aren't covered by The Act and we're actually at the point now where they're reassessing the exclusion of rats and mice from the AWA definition of animal in hopes that they'll not only include rats and mice in their definition but extend the same specifications of care offered to hamsters, gerbils etc. *to* rats and mice.

We also have a letter generator that will compose a letter people can send to their senators encouraging their senators to put pressure on the USDA to make this change. That's located here: http://pawofjustice.org/lettergen/.

An Update From Jannelle Jones
From the March/April 2001 Rat & Mouse Gazette

Do you all remember that important slip of paper inserted into an issue of the Gazette some time back asking readers to write to their Senators and to the U.S.D.A. about including birds and rodents under the Animal Welfare Act of 1976? Good news - they have amended the law to include birds and rodents and they are now being covered! the U.S.D.A. complied because of public outcry. I'd like to think it was because of our readers letters and many others who wrote in this regard. We won! We all need to celebrate. Thank you to all who wrote! This is a huge victory for all bird and rodent lovers!!!