Making a Difference for Vicky

Catherine Graf
From the RMCA web site, October 2008

Victorine and Didier
A lot of young girls get seduced into the modeling racket where their good looks are exploited and then they are tossed on the trash heap. Vicky was a little Parisian girl that almost met a horrible fate. I was called to see if I wanted another girl. I really didn't have room, but she's a Russian blue...she can't be anybody's food. I supposed she could go in with Lou-Lou and Gabie.

She was drop-dead gorgeous. I was going to name my next girl Elisabeth "Sissi" after the Princess of Bavaria, Empress of Austria-Hungary, but it didn't suit her. "Victoria?" I asked her as we walked around the store. "Victorine," she insisted. Another French girl.

Vicky apparently was picked by a photographer to do a photo shoot. She thought her career was taking off. After one day, he took her back. He was told they sell most rats for food, but apparently didn't care. There was no way I could not take Vicky. She went in with the other two girls, but eventually three is not a good number. Then Theresa died, at over three years old. This left my only boy, Didier, alone in the room. He'd already lost several roommates, and I wasn't home enough to give him the attention he needed. He was such a nice boy, and I was afraid he'd die of loneliness. I decided to introduce him to Vicky.

They had a few dates, and finally she spent a night in his cage. Within a week they were rat and wife. While they don't act madly in love the way Max and Theresa did, they live very compatibly and they have never had a fight or had to be separated. Your typical French marriage. Maybe Didier has a mistress somewhere, but it's doubtful. He is crazy about Vicky. She doesn't worry about modeling anymore. She enjoys being a chatelaine.