Virginia's Rat Diet

Virginia Simpson
From the RMCA web site, July 2003 (added October 2022)

Virginia Simpson's Rat Diet
A modified version of Susan Crandall's recipe located on the RMCA website.

Wild & Brown Rice
Tri-Color Pasta
Toasted Unsalted Soy Beans
Toasted Unsalted Chick Peas
Hulled Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds (not always, and 1/2 portion)
Rolled (roasted)Oats
Bran Flakes (cereal)
Shreddies (Wheat Chex)or Cheerios
Regular Granola
Hard Wheat Kernels
Soft Wheat Kernels
Spelt Kernels (when I can find them)
Rye Kernels (when I can find them)
Rye Flakes
Wheat Germ
Dried Cranberries
Soy Nuggets (3 portions or more)
Pot Barley
Split Peas
Flax Seed (1/2 portion)
Dried Apple
(Canada) Vector cereal (2 portions)
(USA) Total cereal (2 portions)
popcorn kernels
unsalted corn (unsalted toasted corn sold as a people snack)
Supplement diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The ingredients listed are measured in equal amounts by cup unless specified otherwise. The amount you will need to make up will vary depending on the number of rats you are feeding. If you will be storing batches for 2 weeks or longer, than refrigerate or freeze to retain freshness;otherwise store in an airtight container.
Disclaimer:There have been two reported incidents of rats getting injured on broken pieces of raw pasta.One injured the inside of the mouth and one injured a foot stepping on the broken piece.This is a very rare occurrence but if you are at all concerned ,you can either remove the pasta ingredient from the diet or cook it and add it separately.

Many thanks Virginia for letting us share this list of diet ingredients with others.