Rat & Mouse Gazette

Table of Contents

What is the Rat & Mouse Gazette?

The Rat and Mouse Gazette was a bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year) filled with informative, helpful, entertaining features and departments for your education and reading pleasure. It was produced by a small staff of volunteers who also worked regular jobs.

Gazette Departments

Rat & Mouse Gazette has many informative, helpful, and entertaining features and departments for your education and reading pleasure. The following samples are just some of what you will be treated to from this enlightening publication.

Q and A
General care questions are answered in this section.

This is a place for subscribers to converse with each other through letters. This is also a place to express personal viewpoints.

Medical Corner
Needed information to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Product Reviews
Reports based on trials of products manufactured for small animals.

Projects and ideas for those "do-it-yourself-ers" looking for ways of entertaining their pets and saving money.

Stories From the Heart
True stories and tributes from readers about their pets.

News and Trivia
Rats and mice in the news and tidbits from around the world.

Upcoming Events
Regional meeting, and social listings for rat and mouse clubs in the United States.

Veterinarian Referrals
Referrals from readers of vets who have given the best possible care to rats and mice.

Exotic Relations
This section will be available for readers to post information about other fancy rodents (hamsters, gerbils, etc.).

Kids' Korner
A "place of their own" for our younger readers to post information, stories, artwork, etc.

Odds & Ends
Classified Advertising.

Memorials for our beloved pets.

Sounds great! How do I subscribe?

Unfortunately, we are no longer taking subscriptions. Without the Gazette being published, the RMCA has nothing to offer for membership at this time. Please take advantage of the RMCA's free web information. We are adding new stories and articles. Rat and mouse breeders who wish to be listed on our web site are required to pay $10 per year.

How do I get copies of previous issues?

Back issues may be ordered for $5.00 each from Rat & Mouse Gazette. A complete list of available issues and ordering information is in the Merchandise section. Order your copies today!