RMCA Fiction:
Airabella Quick of Cherry Hill Farm

Kimberlyn Kammerer

Chapter 19: Full Circle

Chapter 19 (Copyright 2008 Kimberlyn Kammerer)

A foul fall storm was throwing wet leaves around in the rain. Bad weather never failed to remind Belle of her first night beyond the door. She sat in her comfortable chair wrapped up in her comfy blanket sipping tea. (It really is something to watch Belle sip tea while her tree is swaying in the wind.).

Belle looked across Cherry Hill Farm. It had become home to her just as much as Fairlawn. She did miss her world and her people. But she had come to accept things as they were.

Yes, this world had serious problems. Selfishness, greed, pride and hate still lead to murder and war. But there is good in the hearts of those who embrace the Truth.

She had given up finding the door a long time ago. She couldn't ask for help. What if one of her friends fell into Fairlawn and couldn't get home?

Belle looked at the paper on her lap. She was writing the story of her life. She had gotten the idea from Lil Mike. Lil Mike asked so many questions. Maybe someday, when it was finished, the story would find its way back to Fairlawn. What would the Mier in her world think of it? Would they call it "fairy tales" too?

Belle was currently writing a chapter about the summer when James was eight and fell out of the maple tree. Lil Mike loved to listen to each new chapter. She had learned so much about her family and the Roses who had lived before. Belle even shared the stories that she had heard the Rose family tell over the years.

For example, there was Samuel John Rose who came with his wife and little daughter Amelia to America. Samuel's son Aaron Samuel Rose had raised cherry trees back east with the help of his nine sons. Some of the family had been in the Civil War before coming the Cherry Hill with the start of a new orchard. James' father had served in World War l and Grandpa James had served in World War II. He didn't talk about it much though.

So many stories, so many lives, and now so many people and just one little mouse to try and make their lives better and give them a place were love and kindness could grow.

Belle had made quite a difference in the animal world as well. They had sophisticated language and intelligence in advance of some humans. It was possible for one small being to make a difference in the world if they were willing to use their simple gifts to help others.

*There will be times in your life when you will feel small and alone. Remember that even you can make right choices and help others. You can make a difference for good just like a tiny white mouse. Your gifts are every bit as special as hers.

Belle went to sleep that night peacefully in spite of the storm.

The next morning the sun was full for the first time in days. And, it was Saturday. JT and Joe wanted to go check out the tree house to see how it held up in the first real storm of the season. Grandpa James and Grandma Lissa were going into town for a senior affair. So Lil Mike asked if she could go with the boys.

JT and Joe had just turned 17 and didn't always want a little girl hanging around. But this time they said it would be OK. Soon Lil Mike and her guardians were on their way to the woods with the boys and all their friends.

The boys had some repairs to do. They put their earphones on and went to work. Lil Mike and the guardians began to explore about.

Ever since Belle had told her the story about the door Lil Mike had been trying to find it. The friends explored along with her and were just about ready to head back when Lil Mike called, "LOOK!"

There in the side of a hill among some rocks, half-covered in moss, was the bottom of a circle cut in stone. The heavy rains had washed a chunk of the moss away. Soon Lil Mike and Buddy were digging the rest of the door out.

There it was. A large circle about 18 inches wide with two smaller circles touching inside it. Four friends all looked at it together. They knew what it meant. It was "The Door." They sat there together for a very long time not wanting to move or talk. Their hearts were as cold as the stone they were looking at.

"I wish I hadn't found it." Lil Mike was close to tears.

"One of us should go tell Belle," Pal chirped sadly.

"Sure." said Lil Mike just like she understood but no one moved.

"I'll go," said Wink but she didn't hop off at her usual pace.

It seemed like forever before others began to arrive. Then suddenly they were all there. Every animal on Cherry Hill was looking at the door.

The boys, listening to their headphones, didn't notice a thing.

Belle came at last. She looked at the door so long lost. She then looked at all her friends. She could see their concern on their faces.

"Come on," she said at last, "let's walk Lil Mike home." A strange sad parade walked through the woods toward the farm.

"Belle," Lil Mike asked, "does your momma miss you?"

"All mommas miss their little girls Michal, that's how it is when you love someone."

Lil Mike sighed.

The animals discussed it long into the afternoon. They didn't want Belle to leave but they knew they didn't have the right to influence her to stay. At the end of the day Belle sent everyone home.

Belle returned to the door. She sat for a very long time trying to decide what to do. What had become of the world beyond the door? Had things changed? She had so many questions.

The writers Pegallion Asus and Drewlong Angle Onlie had written many truths. They had also told many tales. Could she make greater differences? Could this world use the help of one little mouse?

Mice are not as wise as badgers. She knew she needed to make a wise decision so she took a very long time to decide.

The moon was very high indeed when she finally decided to cover the door up once more so that no humans could ever go beyond and take their foolishness to Fairlawn. For now she was needed here.

She tucked the moss into the rocks around and over. She packed the moss into the two circles in the center of the door. And when her little hand was pressing the last of the moss into place, she was very careful to avoid the little spring hidden in the center of the door.

"Someday my friends," she said, "but not now. I am needed here." She turned to see many little eyes watching. She smiled sadly but confidently. "I love you too. Now go to bed."

She slept that night cuddled in the pale gold hair of a little girl with light blue eyes. A little girl who could one day change the world (with a little help from her friends and a little white mouse).

Objects in Grandma's Special Drawer

Grandma's special drawer.
Old rings
Thread needles
Uncle John's old teeth
Little boxes
Old keys
A Barbie head
Old candy
Some gum
A pocketknife
Parts to a gun
Razor blades
Christmas hooks
Medicine syringe
Toy cars
Emery board
Hair barrette
Eyeglass repair kit
Golf tee
Tie tack
Garter clip
Tire gauge
Nail clippers
Lens cleaner
Letter opener
Safety pins
Playing cards
Lint brush
A cooking snood
Shower cap
Masking tape
Duct tape
Shoe polish
Shoe goop
Electrical socket
Cord plug
Nose plugs
Bathtub plugs
Slide rule
Old watch parts
Crochet hook
Collar stays
Taylor chalk
Appliance oil
Tiddlie winks
The knight from a game of chess
Iron on patches
Spark plugs
A fuse
Fishing line
Fishing hooks
Jar of fish eggs
Roll of twine
Wire cutters
Silk thread
Stain remover
Phone cord
Cotter pin
Model paint and glue
Old credit card
Phonograph needle
Rabbit's foot
Troll doll
School paste
Cough drops
Bag Balm
Mustache wax
Turtle wax
Cotton swabs
Tooth powder
Necklace clasps
Hose clamps
Hose attachments
Nut picks
Fondue candles
Cap gun caps
Whitening tablets

~ The End ~

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