RMCA Fiction:
Airabella Quick of Cherry Hill Farm

Kimberlyn Kammerer

Chapter 7: The Big Mess

Chapter 7 (Copyright 2008 Kimberlyn Kammerer)

Morning came far too early. Belle slipped out of bed, wrapped a baby sock around her shoulders and headed downstairs. It wasn't really cold, she just needed something cuddly. She made herself a cup of tea and climbed into her cozy chair.

Morning came early for Lil Mike too; she slipped out of Marie's big bed, wrapped her baby blanket around her shoulders and headed downstairs. It wasn't really cold, she just needed something cuddly. She climbed into Grandpa James cozy lap and poured herself a cup of tea with sugar.

What a mess, Belle looked down at the world. There were downed trees and broken limbs everywhere. The entire hill needed repairs.

What a mess, Grandpa James and Lil Mike looked around. Things were broken or tossed everywhere.

Right after breakfast Belle got her helpers together. "Let's get started," she said as soon as everyone had his or her assignments.

Right after breakfast Grandpa James looked over his family with pride. "Let's get started," he said, "time's a wasting."

Everyone had responsibilities. Even Lil Mike. There were the usual farm chores to do plus all the new work cleaning up. Lil Mike and Pal sorted nuts, bolts, screws and washers off the shop floor into containers. She and Buddy put cans of food back on the shelves in the pantry. She and Snow helped Grandpa James pull limbs out of the yard. And, that was all before lunch.

Belle and the animals were working just as hard as all the Roses. People and animals were going to get tired, "unless..." Belle knew what to do. It was time for a working song.

*You haven't forgotten how special Belle is, have you? Belle's tail itches, her whiskers tell the weather, her claw can blast, and her sneezes grow things. But when Belle sings….

When Belle sings happy songs everyone laughs and dances. When Belle sings a lullaby everyone sleeps with sweet dreams. When Belle sings a sad song everyone cries. When Belle sings a working song everyone finds a light, happy rhythm that makes work go quickly and easily.

Belle flew high above to the very top of her tree. She cleared her throat and began to sing. The song had a happy beat. It filled the air with energy.

All over and around Cherry Hill people and animals caught the feeling. The boys in the woods cut and pulled the broken wood in a happy rhythm. Grandpa's hammer banged the beat. Horses pranced, grandmas whistled, and Lil Mike danced from one job to the next.

Two nights later Belle slipped into her warm bed. Her throat was sore but she had a smile on her face. Things would be back to normal very soon.

At the house Lil Mike slipped into bed with Pal. Grandpa James tucked her in and sang her a lullaby. She was a tired little helper.

"Sweet dreams Mouse, everything will be back to normal soon." Grandpa James gave her kisses and went down stairs to a warm bed of his own.

Chapter 8: Grandma Grace and Special Places