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Helping the club help rodents

The RMCA is a non-profit club, with a goal nothing short of knowing that every domestic rat and mouse has good health, a loving home, and a comfortable bed (like Mina here!). If you would like to donate to the Rat and Mouse Club of America's efforts in education and rescue you may donate online via PayPal.

Mina sleeping (Copyright 2002 Karen Grant)

Donations specifically for this web site:

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Thank You!

A big thanks to Theresa Lee, John Diaz, Melissa Pandajis, Isabelle King, Karen Grant, Diane Newburg, Terri Friedland, Karen Yang (in memory of Pammie), Harvey A. Koolpe, M.D., Lynn Nelson, Lynn Hochstetter, Joyce Murdoch (in memory of Sophia, Emily, & Chica), Rose Bank, Mary Sweeney, Debra Gregerson, Molly Warren, Scott MacKenzie, Rossana Moldovan, Catherine Diedrich, Barbara King, Michael Burton, Leesa Hanagan, Lee Sheridan, Heather Richards (in honor of Sonya), Elyse Eisenberg, Jessica Wright, Edlyn Kloefkorn, Debbie Foster, King Rat Motorsports, Guadalupe Becerra, Donna Borok Moss, David Gregorio, Kristie Alshaibi, Christopher Gleeson, Julia Holt, Mona Ammon, Nicole Stieber (in loving memory of Squeek), Reba Quilty, Sarah von Fricken, Amy Kaufman, Martha Fantasia, Bettina Schupp, SheLa Morrison, Tonka SOund Services, Susan Mahoney, Shanna Loveman, Dana VanDemark, Rae Hughes, Meghan Horner (in memory of Tillamook, and in honor of Henry & Gatsby), Bubbles Carr (from England in memory of Whisper, Scratch, & Tug), Lori Best-Bockting, Jess Rosenof, Thomas Mitchell, Ashley Faire, Elise and Andrew (The Busy Rats), Trey Morris (in memory of Tazz, and in honor of Cheyenne and her rats Zecara and Zira), Jean Hines, and Falen Weil for their monetary donations.

We would also like to thank the following companies for their generous donations:
Super Pet    Absorption Corp. (makers of CareFresh)    Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Y Cantina    Lixit    PetsMart    Kaytee    Ware Manufacturing    Sun Seed    Oasis    Los Angeles Zoo    Vitakraft    Rolf C. Hagen (USA Corp)    Los Angeles Dodgers    Penn-Plax    Transoniq Wodent Wheels!