About the site

Okay, who's worked on this site and escaped?

Completely unrelated to martial arts movie star Bruce Lee, Brian grew up in the wild outback of Australia where he learned how to wrestle crocodiles at an early age. After sailing to Hong Kong in a dugout canoe he made himself, he made his fortune in the currency markets. Years later, he made his way to France where he enrolled in the École Normale des Gran Fromage. Brian is fluent in at least eight languages, one of which is English.

In his spare time, Brian pursued a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. (Now that he has one, he has no spare time.) If you have any difficult questions about lasers, neutron stars, quasars, or origami, don't hesitate to . Just don't annoy him, or he might fry you with a giant fresnel lens.

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Sc. ? Obs. [f. as Kit sb.4 + -ock dim.] A familiar or disrespectful term for a girl or young woman; esp. a woman of loose character, a wanton; a mistress.

That pretty much sums it up. Actually, it has nothing to do with the origin of James' last name, which is of Polish origin. But enough about that. What you really want to know about is probably his assortment of Olympic® Gold Medals or perhaps the floorplan of his castle, Knabbernschloss. Unlucky for you--we're not going to tell you about that. Instead, we'll tell you that James is currently working at Freeworks on very secret things. We will also note that his home page is probably hopelessly out of date. But at least it has a cool picture of him.

James was the other self-appointed web guru who got this site going. He still thinks it was all Brian's idea. Aside from correcting Brian's HTML (spoken with a Midwestern accent that not all browsers understand) and ruining all of his page layouts, James' great accomplishment on this site was the shade of orange he chose for the example score card pages. No, wait, it was actually the rat standards pages, which consumed most of his life. Find them, read them, love them.

James is proud of the fact that he encouraged the RMCA to register its own domain name, and we still enlist him whenever it needs renewed.

Virginia pretty much took over up until May 2000, after James picked up his new hobby of duping venture capitalists and Brian went off to the secret bunkers of New Mexico to research alien technology and its applications to modern food processing. She still has rats and helps out from time to time, when we can coax her back!

Kathy Bakken a.k.a. lulu

RMCA artist-in-residence and advertising czar Kathy wrote up the officer bios and other stuff. Basically, if it looked good, or if it made the RMCA sound fun & exciting, Kathy was probably responsible. In real life, she was the Gazette editorial director, which makes her extra cool. Apparently, she has a job, but nobody really cared about that once they saw the Gazette--they just wanted MORE GAZETTE. Kathy has also kindly donated her face to various RMCA publications, posters, etc. Oh, and let us not forget that she was the secret conduit from Grove Pashley's camera (as well as those of other, lesser beings) to the Web site. Kathy did not approve the shade of orange James chose for the example score card pages.

Which brings us to the photographic genius behind many of the images on this site and in the Gazette. I have never met the guy and have only seen the back of his head and various limbs in rattie photos, but I wish I had his eye. Or at least his camera.

German Romeo Holger Kuehle has a rat in every port, and many female fans on the "rats" e-mail list. He originally started the summaries of the Gazette issues, which we then stole and put on the RMCA site.