About the site

Okay, who's currently behind this anyhow?

Mary Ann Isaksen

Our fearless leader. The one who holds the RMCA checkbook. All-around rat expert. And other endearing things. These are the many names of Mary Ann. Mary Ann provided much of the material for the site as well as the dollars, enthusiasm, and free window stickers (yessss!) to keep us going.

In May 2000, Kristin offered to temporarily help out on the RMCA site. Seeing as Kristin can't ever leave, she made herself at home by adding a color scheme (based on the colors of her own rats), a search engine, a new layout to the site, forums, Virtual Squeaks and all the automated bits.... She seems content.

Various Artists, Authors and Escapees

The pictures, articles, etc. found here were created by various kind souls who produced them and let us put them here on the web site. We also want to mention (and extend gratitude!) to those that have worked on this site and somehow managed to escape-- read about them here.