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The RMCA did not write many of these FAQs, we are merely making other people's much appreciated hard work more available to the WWW. We can't take credit, but we can't guarantee the contents either, and in some cases we do disagree with the advice given. But by gathering all the avaliable internet FAQs in one place, we hope to provide you with all the info possible, and if anything better inform the reader, rather than have them biased by a single FAQ. Read them all, ask questions, talk to your vet, and decide for yourself.

Unless otherwise stated in the FAQ, feel free to copy these FAQs, send them to friends, etc., as long as you don't change the contents. If you decide to post them anywhere, please ask the editors first (their email addresses are listed in the FAQs) so that you know for sure it's ok, and so that they can send you updated versions as they come along. Many people now prefer that you simply link to their web site, so that they can ensure that everyone sees the most up to date version.

Note: Virginia keeps a sorted list of all the articles online on her web page. She also has gathered some useful info that isn't here. So you may want to take a look at Virginia's web page as well.

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